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“Environmentally Responsible” and “Sustainability” are common taglines used to sell many things, not just within the green industry. Many use these adjectives in marketing but fail to practice what they preach because it is expensive. My perception is that “Cheap” simply means that someone or something else has been taxed allowing your “savings”.

Bees are responsible for pollinating nearly 85% of crops directly for human consumption. Dozens of species of solitary bees have evolved to pollinate a single type of plant and coexist in unison with the lifespan of that plant. Without that specific species’ devotion to that plant, the plant would cease to reproduce and become extinct. Although we could all stand to lose a few pounds, running out of food will probably not bode well for us in the end.

Honeybee populations have been in decline worldwide. A large percentage of bee species die off each year resulting from a variety of factors including disease, parasites, pesticides, and destruction of natural habitats and food sources. As more bee species die, we will lose more crops, and eventually, certain species of plants will become extinct. While it’s understood that the actions of one person or one company will not singularly make a huge impact on a global problem, it does not sway my efforts to educate and adopt practices that will make a difference here, in my house. One of these changes, widespread throughout our service program, will be the use of an insecticide that has been specifically developed to reduce its impact on bees and their role as pollinators.

The most common use of insecticides in the lawn care industry is for the control of annual white grubs. While management of our lawn programs is centered around integrated pest management and the knowledge that a lawn’s best defense (against everything) is to maintain good health and vigor, grub control also begins with prevention, Grub Control is recommended as a preventative treatment vs a curative treatment, By nature, this treatment is made before the treat of grub activity and in some cases, the use of insecticides is a way to prevent a problem that may occur. This treatment is widely used and because of its preventative control method, I Feel strongly that the pesticide used should be in the safest form possible. The insecticide we use poses minimal impact on beneficial arthropods and has extremely low toxicity to non-target animals including birds, fish, and bees. Our grub control has the lowest application rates and no re-entry restrictions following its application. Having said that this responsibility comes at a higher price, and it is important to note the reasons why as per your review the Lawn Care Program

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